Japan 2017 #1

Japan is not my ever wish list country to visit.  (well none of other countries as well except Makah & Madinah).  But Allah had planned all the best for me and all.

I'm now here in Japan.  Being a stay at home mom. Its really a hard and labour work. A non stop all day working hours.  Its even tougher than a doctor.

A stay at home mom is not just doing all house chores, but it includes educating kids, by mouth (I hope less shouting) and example.  Its really a DIFFICULT task.

Since I only have under 7 year old kids, what approach suppose to be taken is, 'to serve them as a King' stage.  I suppose, younger age 'king' is more more challenging.  I almost failed this approach every day.  Urrgghhh.  How bad am I.

Lets talk about Japan. (rather than my new temporary job SAHM).   Japan is so beautiful.  Especially here in Chiba.  Well Chiba is a very humble prefecture.  When I ask Malaysian tourist we met in Tokyo one day, do they know where Chiba is?  Well, as expected, they don't know.  How humble Chiba is?  While Disneyland is actually in the prefecture of Chiba (but they put it as Tokyo Disneyland instead of Chiba Disneyland).... and Narita Airport, Tokyo, is in the land of Chiba Prefecture.  How humble Chiba is?  And I don't even realized that Chiba is exist in Japan.

Back to Japan country, the local called it Nihon? Nippon? I think Nihon is Japanese and Nippon is Japan.  Chiba city is really clean.  The cleanliness is actually begin from home.  They way they educate small children about cleanliness, the way they manage trash and sewage.  All very particular.
For example, how do we get rid of used oil in Malaysia?  Just dump it in the kitchen sink and that the end.  The oily stuff get into sewage system and entrapped all dirt and making the sewage become more dirty.  Here, they have to harden the oil  using a special material for that, and then only they put it in combustible trash.  This really impressed me.

Japanese old ladies are so good.  They keen to smile and greet Konniciwa and Ohayogozaimasu when we meet them.  But some of younger generation usually not, but I believed that the don't want to disturb our privacy. MasyaALLAH.

 This is so magnificent.  
Lukisan Alam.  Never failed to amaze me. MasyaALLAH 

 Sunset in the sunrise country. 

Japanese paddy field.


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