kids below 7


Allah The Creator, Allah The Almighty and Allah The Glorious.

And His messenger Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

Wafaa and Fawwaz are in the category of kids below 7 years old.   At this age group they are still haven't mumayyiz.  They dont know whats good or not until we tell them... not once but may be few times.

They are slowly gaining their ability to be an independent person, a khalifah of ALLAH in this a temporary word.  So at the age of before 7 they are dependent on us, the parent.  From the day they was born they were totally dependent on us.. to get foods, we feed them, to move around, we carry them, to get clean, we bath them and change their nappy.   One day they learn how to move from crawling to walking... they are slowly learning to feed themselves by picking or mouthing at as early as five months of age...until the are totally independent in eating by the age of 1.5 to 2 years old.

Taking care of kids at the age of below seven, is very challenging.  They are an active learner, their ability to absorb new knowledge is like a sponge. The learn through their eyes....mostly. How we communicate with them, will reflect on how they communicate with others.  I have this problem. I don't know how this started.  Wafaa seem to be an aggressive older sister to her brother.  Probably since her brother was born.  As a first precious child in the family, she was our major attention, before the arrival of his brother.  She was so adorable except the normal tantrum a kids 2 years old have.  The day when we bring her brother home from the hospital, she cried out loud.  The jealousy snatch away all the adorable behavior she has.  She like to hit her brother out of sudden with no reason. A totally no reason except JEALOUS.  She throw any thing she hold to his brother for again no reason.  So, since then, as a protective mother, I started to scream, yelling, pinching, and hitting her.  All negative reflect I have bring her to a girl that don't want sharing.  She always want to be the winner, the winner of attention.

Ya ALLAH, she is your servant that I carried for 9 months, I delivered and raise with my two hands... please ALLAH make her heart soft, loving, caring and love sharing toys or things with her bother and cousins.  and ALLAH please change the way I entertain her... I mean the reflex on how I react when she push her brother with no mercy... on how she pinch her brother for just sitting on her chair..  


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